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Rain Barrels
The Engineering Department offers rain barrels to the local community for a cost of $62 per barrel.

Three options to order a rain barrel:

Benefits of a Rain Barrel           

  • Provide oxygenated, un-chlorinated water ideal for plants
  • Divert water from municipal storm drain systems
  • Conserve a vital natural resource
  • Protects our rivers and streams from runoff pollution
  • Save money by reducing their water bills
  • Collected rainwater is not subject to outdoor watering restrictions

Rain Barrel Specifications             

  • 100% recycled plastic, is 100% recyclable, Made in the USA!
  • Dimensions: 42.5" tall with 22.5" top diameter, 18" bottom diameter
  • 50 gallon capacity
  • All parts included: 3/4" valve for garden hose attachment & 1 over flow hose
  • 2 overflow ports, with linking capacity
  • Locking lid with metal screen at the top to prevent mosquitos from accessing water
  • Black opaque HDPE material
  • Meets EPA safety standards                                            

Free delivery is available to Town of Morrisville residents.  Click here to determine how many rain barrels that you might need. If you have any questions on installation of your rain barrel you can visit Rain Water Solutions. All sales are final. 

Storm Drain Marking
The Engineering Department has a volunteer opportunity to help educate their community about the importance of pollution prevention with our storm drain marking. Many residents are not aware that stormwater runoff which enters the storm drains is not treated. The runoff flows directly into our creeks, rivers and lakes. This program allows volunteers to adhere watershed specific markers on storm drains to remind all of us that stormwater runoff can wash pesticides, fertilizers, pet waste, litter, oil and other automobile fluids, sediment and household chemicals into our valuable creeks, rivers and lakes. 

The Engineering Department will provide you and/or your group with all storm drain marking supplies, safety equipment and

If you and/or your group are interested in volunteering in this program, please complete the 
volunteer form  and the Storm Drain Marking form or call Stormwater Engineer at 919.463.6908 or email him to schedule your storm drain marking event.

Pet Waste Outreach Program

Sign the online pet waste pledge to clean-up after your pets, and receive a free refillable pet waste bag dispenser from the Town's Stormwater division of the Engineering Department. You can find out more by looking for our brochures at your local Morrisville vet/pet shop, stopping by or calling the Town's Engineering office, or here.

Pet Waste Outreach

Yard Waste

"Mow high and let the clippings lie"...Don't let your lawn nutrients sleep with the fishes!

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