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Community Service
I am required to complete community service hours. Can I do this with the Town of Morrisville?

Court-Appointed Community Service - Directed by NC Department of Correction
Under the direction of the NC Department of Correction, Division of Community Corrections, qualified offenders may be assigned to perform service to the local community in an effort to promote the offender’s rehabilitation and provide services that help restore or improve the community. The Department of Community Corrections will coordinate with the Town’s Safety & Risk Manager to provide appropriate work site placement for offenders ordered to perform community service hours.

Court-Appointed Community Service – Not under the Direction of the NC Department of Correction
If a citizen is assigned community service by the court and the Judge did not assign the hours to be directed by the Division of Community Corrections, the citizen may complete their community service hours at various non-profit agencies such as:
  • Homeless Shelter
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Red Cross
  • Thrift Store
  • Church
  • Any other non-profit agencies

The non-profit agency supervising the community service worker must provide documentation on agency letterhead indicating the community service worker’s name, address, phone number, dates worked, and hours worked. The citizen may then provide the documentation to their attorney or judge at their next court date; as proof of compliance.

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