Morrisville, North Carolina
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Support Services
Morrisville Police Administration
The Morrisville Police Administration is a multifaceted component that is essential for the efficient and effective operation of the Department. A Support Services Captain leads the Division, which is responsible for investigations, training, evidence, and many other administrative duties.

The Administration is responsible for multi-year planning, manpower allocation alternatives, contingency planning, budgeting, operations planning, training, and research.

A training Sergeant is in charge of developing the Police Department's continuing education of its personnel. This keeps Morrisville's officers up to date on current techniques and issues of law enforcement into the new millennium. Administrative services also conducts internal investigations.

Under the Support Services Captain is the Criminal Investigation Division of the Morrisville Police Department. A Detective Sergeant and Detectives are responsible for the investigation of criminal violations that occur within the Town of Morrisville. Criminal Investigators investigate crimes that involve both juvenile and adult victims and offenders. Personnel trained in follow up criminal investigations investigate crimes such as murder, assault, burglary, fraud, as well as a host of other offenses. The division employs the use of other law enforcement agencies in order to maintain effective criminal investigations.

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