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Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)
Program Goal
CIT is a pre-booking jail diversion program for sworn law enforcement officers.

Our goal is to keep persons with serious mental illness out of the criminal justice system for misdemeanor charges. Persons with mental illness are arrested more frequently and spend longer in jail than the average citizen. Jails are not mental health institutions and are not properly equipped to handle this population. Our mission is to give arresting officers more options when dealing with persons with mental illness. We would prefer to connect persons with serious mental illness to treatment rather than have them incarcerated.

For more information, view Wake County CIT.

CIT Program Information
The CIT Program:
  • Is a partnership with mental health, consumer advocacy, and law enforcement agencies
  • Provides 40 hours of specialized training to sworn law enforcement officers
  • Decreases the incidents of incarceration of persons with mental illness for misdemeanor charges
  • Connects persons in mental health crisis to appropriate mental health services rather than the criminal justice system
  • Decreases officer injury rates
  • Decreases use of force occurrences
  • Decreases consumer injury rates
  • Creates an earlier opportunity to engage consumers in mental health services

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There have been over 1012 Wake County law enforcement officers and EMS personnel trained since the program's inception. There are 22 Wake County departments participating on varying levels.  The Morrisville Police Department became a partner in 2006 and currently has 27 Crisis Intervention Team officers that can respond to a consumer in a mental health crisis. These officers received specialized training to assist the consumer and their families through the crisis. The CIT officers also received information about the different programs and agencies within the community to assist the consumer and their family members. We have elected to send all of our patrol officers to this valuable training, considering it to be one of the core courses required for all sworn personnel.

Call Information
Since becoming a partner, the Morrisville Police Department’s CIT officers have responded to 246 crisis calls.  Of the 246 calls, 88 resulted in a voluntary visit to Crisis Assessment Services or a local hospital,
68 were resolved on location, and 54 resulted in an involuntary commitment order. Prior to officers receiving this training, 22 of the calls could have resulted in the consumer being arrested and charged with a violation of law, rather than assisting them to get the help that they actually needed.

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Morrisville Police Department Data from 2010-2015 
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