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Rezoning Requests

What is Rezoning?
Rezoning is the act of modifying the official zoning map. There are three types of rezoning authorized in the Town of Morrisville: General, Conditional, and Planned Development.

Types of Rezoning
  • General Rezoning
    A General Rezoning reclassifies land to a base zoning district and subjects future development in the district to all the development regulations applicable to that district, including the allowance of the full range uses and development intensity permits in the district.
  • Conditional Rezoning
    A Conditional Rezoning reclassifies land to a conditional zoning district that is parallel to a base zoning district and subjects future development in the district to the same development regulations applicable to the parallel base district except as modified by conditions that:
    1. Are proposed by the owner(s) of the subject land, and mutually agreed upon by the Town;
    2. Incorporated any proposed modifications to use, intensity, or development standards applicable in the parallel base district; and
    3. Are limited to conditions that address conformance of the allowable development and use of the rezoning site with the Town regulations and adopted plans, and impacts reasonably expected to be generated by the allowable development or use of the site. 
  • Planned Development Rezoning
    A Planned Development Rezoning reclassifies land to a Planned Development (PD) zoning district for which applicable development regulations are defined by a Planning Development plan and agreement (PD/Agreement). Subsequent development with a PD district occurs through Subdivision Approval and Site Plan Approval procedures and standards, which ensures compliance with the PD Plan/Agreement.
More detailed information about rezoning process can be found in the Unified Development Ordinance.

The learn more about the rezoning process, please email Kari Grace at or contact her at 919.463.6194.

Where can I Find Pending or Approved Cases?

Case numbers are assigned by the year of submittal. To view cases that have been submitted, as well as the status of a case, click on the year that corresponds with the case number. For example, the "15" in the case number REZ 15-01 corresponds with the year 2015.
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To learn more about a rezoning case, please email Amy Lindley at or contact her at 919.463.6181.

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