Morrisville, North Carolina
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1. When do I call 911?
2. What do I do if am stopped by a police officer?
3. What if I am involved in a traffic crash?
4. I was involved in a traffic crash. How can I get a copy of the report?
5. Who do I call about an animal complaint?
6. I need to get fingerprinted for employment or background purposes. Where can this be done?
7. Occasionally, I see things that are suspicious or unusual. I don't know if I should call the Police or what would happen if I did. Can you tell me about the procedure?
8. How do I file a Complaint or give a Commendation?
9. I am new to the area. Is there any information that I need to know?
10. I am thinking of moving to Morrisville. How can I find out what kind of Police reports have been taken in the neighborhood?
11. I received a Citation. Can I reschedule the court appearance date?
12. My home/business has a security system. Do I need to register with the police and are there any fees?

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