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What am I allowed to build on a piece of property and what is it's Zoning District?
There are many different uses permitted on a parcel depending on what Zoning District that parcel is located in, so the first step is to figure out the Zoning District and the second step is to consult the Principal Use Table 4.2.4 in the Unified Development Ordinance.

Step One can be done easily by using Wake County's iMaps. Just click Wake County iMaps and type the address/PIN#/or REID number. The website should navigate to the parcel which will be highlighted. Then, you can go to the bottom right hand side of the page and click 'Show Additional Layers' and navigate to the check box that says 'Zoning'. This should add, in white letters, the abbreviation for the Zoning District (usually three letters, i.e. CAC, O&I, etc).

After you have identified the parcel's Zoning, then open the Unified Development Ordinance. All information about what is allowable under your zoning should be easily identified using this table which is located on Page 4-5 in Section 4.2.4.

If you have further or more specific questions, you can contact the Planning Department at 919.463.6194. and we'd be happy to help you!


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1. What am I allowed to build on a piece of property and what is it's Zoning District?
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