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Posted on: October 9, 2017

Got a postcard? You've been selected to participate in our Citizen Survey!

Hundreds of Morrisville households have been selected to participate in the Town’s official Citizen Survey. The selected households have begun to receive postcards about the survey, indicating its importance to the community and that a paper survey will be coming soon. If you received a postcard, please be on the lookout for the survey within the next few days. You'll notice the survey includes a Hindi translation - we are seeking input from people that live in Morrisville, a significant number of whom are Hindi and who use Morrisville programs and services, which is the reason we chose to offer a translation. Our goal is to enhance responsiveness to responding to the survey.

If you did not receive a postcard, you will still have the opportunity to participate via an online survey, likely in November.

The survey results will be used to help us plan our budget process and select topics for our annual Town Council Retreat. We will be using this year’s results for our Strategic Planning initiative.  We will receive the results of the survey in December, and will use the information as we plan our budget, retreat, and strategic plan.

The Town last conducted a Citizen Survey in 2015 (you can see the results of that survey here).  The process of conducting the survey, including a postcard mailing is identical to the process used in 2015.  Staff have provided regular updates to Council about the survey process and the timing of the mailings, including at the September 12 Council Meeting.

Curious why you may or may not have been selected? The Town is working the National Research Center (NRC) to conduct our surveys.  We provide a GIS map of Morrisville, from which NRC selects a geographic representation of our residents to mail the survey to, which ensures our ability to conduct the survey through an independent process. NRC develops the process and protocol regarding the design and notification of the survey.  Not all residents are selected to participate in the paper survey, as this is not required to achieve statically significant results.  We do not receive the completed surveys, nor do we select who participates – this is all processed by NRC.

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